Elizabeth May

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Elizabeth May Video Embed List

    1. Elizabeth May supports Bill C-98 on Canada Border Services Agency Act
      Duration: 2:03

    2. Canada's Green Party Leader Elizabeth May calls climate change 'massive security threat'
      Duration: 5:58

    3. 'Deliriously happy': Green Party Leader Elizabeth May gets married in B.C.
      Duration: 1:07

    4. Elizabeth May: A Green Seat?
      Duration: 22:14

    5. Elizabeth May says Green Party is ready
      Duration: 3:05

    6. Who is Elizabeth May?
      Duration: 11:27

    7. Elizabeth May ponders future as Green leader
      Duration: 2:56

    8. Elizabeth May on Canada's climate change deal
      Duration: 13:22

    9. Election 2015: Elizabeth May on leading the Greens
      Duration: 26:21

    10. Elizabeth May: Leaders' Interview
      Duration: 12:26

    11. Elizabeth May Press Gallery speech. WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE
      Duration: 9:10

    12. Extended interview: Elizabeth May
      Duration: 13:17

    13. Elizabeth May and Paul Manly unveil the Green Party's "Mission: Possible" 20-point climate plan
      Duration: 29:45

    14. Elizabeth May Bullying Investigation
      Duration: 0:43

    15. Green party Leader Elizabeth May celebrates byelection
      Duration: 1:39

    16. Elizabeth May’s closing statement: Maclean's debate
      Duration: 1:57

    17. Elizabeth May: Fixing Democracy
      Duration: 9:58

    18. Elizabeth May interview with Peter Mansbridge (with ASL)
      Duration: 12:01

    19. RMR: Rick and Elizabeth May
      Duration: 4:52