Greta Thunberg

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Greta Thunberg Video Embed List

    1. Skipping School to Stop Climate Change: Greta Thunberg and the Student Protests
      Duration: 33:47

    2. Climate activist Greta Thunberg leads rally in Sweden
      Duration: 0:56

    3. Greta Thunberg's emotional speech to EU leaders
      Duration: 4:12

    4. 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg's Inspiring Fight Against Climate Change | Good Morning Britain
      Duration: 4:56

    5. Swedish youth activist Greta Thunberg addresses a climate march

    6. Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize | 60 Minutes Australia
      Duration: 3:00

    7. Greta Thunberg tells MPs: 'Our future was sold'
      Duration: 1:44

    8. Watch: Greta Thunberg makes powerful climate change speech in London
      Duration: 2:06

    9. Greta Thunberg in the European Parliament committee on environment
      Duration: 1:00:34

    10. Greta Thunberg to politicians: 'We're fighting for everyone's future'
      Duration: 2:21

    11. How Greta Thunberg created global student strike movement | 60 Minutes Australia
      Duration: 3:38

    12. Greta Thunberg, Anna Taylor and Caroline Lucas on the new climate movement | Guardian Live
      Duration: 1:14:13

    13. Greta Thunberg full speech at Extinction Rebellion protest in London
      Duration: 2:53

    14. Teen activist Greta Thunberg on plans for strike against climate change
      Duration: 4:07

    15. Greta Thunberg | Special Address, Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum 2019
      Duration: 6:04

    16. Greta Thunberg met with applause in House of Commons
      Duration: 0:52

    17. Greta Thunberg: Teenager inspires Britain to act on climate change | Times Profile
      Duration: 1:36

    18. Greta Thunberg at Guardian Live: 'This is an emergency'
      Duration: 2:46

    19. How Greta Thunberg's Asperger’s diagnosis empowered her to become an activist | 60 Minutes Australia
      Duration: 2:02

    20. Greta Thunberg full speech to UK Parliament | Climate strikes
      Duration: 12:03