Scott Morrison

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Scott Morrison Video Embed List

    1. Prime Minister Scott Morrison discusses the Coalition's policies | 7.30
      Duration: 19:20

    2. 'I have always believed in miracles': Scott Morrison declares election victory | ABC News
      Duration: 13:15

    3. Australian PM Scott Morrison wins surprise re-election
      Duration: 2:12

    4. Who is Australia's new PM Scott Morrison? - Behind the News
      Duration: 3:18

    5. The Queen chats with Australian PM Scott Morrison at Buckingham Palace
      Duration: 0:58

    6. How well do you know Australia's 30th Prime Minister Scott Morrison? | Kitchen Cabinet
      Duration: 29:24

    7. Hawke memorial: Scott Morrison says Australia will be "forever grateful" for Hawke | ABC News
      Duration: 5:03

    8. Scott Morrison's acceptance speech in full
      Duration: 14:00

    9. Australia’s new PM: who is Scott Morrison?
      Duration: 3:27

    10. Scott Morrison egged while campaigning in Albury | ABC News
      Duration: 3:29

    11. Scott Morrison is sworn in as Australia's 30th Prime Minister
      Duration: 2:08

    12. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison egged at election function in Albury
      Duration: 0:47

    13. Scott Morrison claims victory for the Coalition: ‘I’ve always believed in miracles’
      Duration: 1:33

    14. Scott Morrison's maiden speech to Parliament in 2008
      Duration: 21:09

    15. Scott Morrison labels Labor carbon policy the 'Borat tax'
      Duration: 0:35

    16. Political Attack Ad: Scott Morrison
      Duration: 1:03

    17. Scott Morrison elected as new leader of the Liberal party
      Duration: 2:01

    18. Scott Morrison reaches 76 seats to form a majority government
      Duration: 5:49

    19. PM Profile - Scott Morrison - Behind the News
      Duration: 2:24

    20. Australia election 2019: How did Scott Morrison defy the poll predictions? | DW News
      Duration: 3:41