Kenyan Fake Gold

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Kenyan Fake Gold Video Embed List

    1. Detective discover fake gold smelting centre in Lavington, Nairobi
      Duration: 2:36

    2. Kenya's DCI seeks help from FBI on fake gold scam
      Duration: 4:15

    3. 15 suspects arrested over fake gold scam in Kileleshwa, Nairobi
      Duration: 3:06

    4. Fake gold cons scamming buyers operate in Nairobi
      Duration: 4:11

    5. Fake gold scam: DCI hunt charter flight operator based at Wilson, Nairobi
      Duration: 2:35

    6. Fake gold scam: Suspect Zaheer Jhanda explain his involvement
      Duration: 5:54

    7. Faces behind Nairobi fake gold syndicate: top politicians named
      Duration: 3:41

    8. FAKE GOLD SCAM: Politicians caught in the fake gold scam web
      Duration: 9:11

    9. Fake gold syndicate
      Duration: 2:18

    10. Fake gold scam: Mt. Kenya legislators want action taken against those involved
      Duration: 3:16

    11. Transnational Organised Crime Unit takes over Fake gold scam investigations
      Duration: 2:56

    12. A senator and MP sought as persons of interest in fake gold scam
      Duration: 2:11

    13. Two foreigners, one Kenyan arrested in KSh 7M gold con scheme
      Duration: 0:44

    14. 6 fake gold trade suspects arrested in Nairobi to be held for 3 more days
      Duration: 0:47

    15. Two people in another suspected fake gold scam detained for 5 days
      Duration: 1:06

    16. DAY BREAK |Fake gold scam gets ugly
      Duration: 19:36

    17. Fake gold scandal divide
      Duration: 2:47

    18. Wetangula steers clear of fake gold scam as he addresses senate
      Duration: 2:54

    19. Fake gold saga
      Duration: 3:55

    20. ODM warns Ruto against linking Raila to the fake gold scam
      Duration: 4:47