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Cnnzltmtzvlddgzi Video Embed List

    1. CNN debunks Trump's latest border claims
      Duration: 10:48

    2. Trump threatens 'SNL' with 'retribution' over parody
      Duration: 5:48

    3. Trump's border wall admission may give Democrats an opening
      Duration: 4:16

    4. Cuomo: Trump will do what he thinks is best for him
      Duration: 4:11

    5. Trump spars with CNN's Acosta: You have an agenda, you're fake news
      Duration: 1:37

    6. CNN reporter details Mueller’s recent activity
      Duration: 8:34

    7. CNN exclusive: Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster
      Duration: 7:17

    8. CNN obtains two of Trump’s answers to Mueller
      Duration: 9:39

    9. Trump neglects to answer Jim Acosta's immigration question
      Duration: 3:20

    10. Police: Active shooter at Aurora, Illinois business | CNN Breaking News
      Duration: 10:11

    11. Suspected gunman in custody, 4 officers hurt in Aurora shooting | CNN breaking news
      Duration: 9:32

    12. Ex-Trump staffer reacts to Trump's tweet about him during live CNN interview
      Duration: 9:57

    13. CNN anchor shuts down commentator over Trump lie
      Duration: 5:39

    14. Trump declares national emergency on US border
      Duration: 30:58

    15. CNN Philippines (Vlog 3 - Driving in Manila)
      Duration: 9:26

    16. Awkward silence after Mike Pence mentions Trump in speech
      Duration: 3:28

    17. CNN Update
      Duration: 15:39

    18. CNN went undercover in Venezuela. Here's why people are in the streets
      Duration: 8:03

    19. Leading Women: Alex Gonzaga
      Duration: 19:01