Slack Ipo

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Slack Ipo Video Embed List

    1. Slack CEO explains why the company chose direct listing over IPO
      Duration: 4:11

    2. Sageworks' Brian Hamilton: Slack is way overpriced
      Duration: 6:00

    3. How the Slack IPO might compare to Uber and Lyft
      Duration: 5:03

    4. What is Slack? Behind the Company That's Kind of IPO-ing
      Duration: 3:23

    5. Slack IPO
      Duration: 17:05

    6. Slack pops in debut, here's what it could mean for future IPOs
      Duration: 4:01

    7. Slack CEO Says Company `Should End Up as Big as Microsoft'
      Duration: 2:39

    8. Slack goes public without an IPO
      Duration: 3:04

    9. Slack Files for U.S. Direct Listing on NYSE
      Duration: 4:28

    10. Slack Shares Jump After IPO but What Comes Next?
      Duration: 5:07

    11. Slack goes to work on eve of NYSE direct listing
      Duration: 4:52

    12. An analyst explains why he likes Slack ahead of its direct listing
      Duration: 4:48

    13. How Slack's direct listing could affect future software IPOs
      Duration: 2:14

    14. Here are some of the questions investors are asking ahead of Slack's debut
      Duration: 4:24

    15. The Fed will ease in July if trade blows up, economist says
      Duration: 6:11

    16. Watch CNBC's full interview with Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield ahead of direct listing
      Duration: 13:55

    17. What I think about slack IPO
      Duration: 5:58

    18. Slack IPO Coming 20/06/2019 - Will this Tech IPO Buck the Trend?
      Duration: 5:20

    19. Slack Skipping IPO and Going Right to the Public
      Duration: 1:35

    20. Slack technologies ($WORK) direct NYSE listing, IPO
      Duration: 6:42